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Prym Love Dressmaking Scissors 6" 15cm 610541

Prym Love Dressmaking Scissors 6" 15cm 610541

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Prym Love Dressmaking Scissors 6" 15 cm 610541

Small and practical: The Prym Love dressmaking scissors are all-rounders for the creative user, because they cut ordinary textiles with ease. However, their slim, sharp point makes them also suitable for cutting embroidery thread, cords or for unpicking seams, as well as for fine needlework. The steel handles and cutting edges offer long-lasting durability and the polka dot design in mint green on the double coating adds a fresh touch to every sewing basket. The rust-proof blades are hot-forged, individually sharpened by hand and tested - the result is textile scissors, ideal for precision cutting, with balanced handling.

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