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Prym Multi 45mm Rotary Cutter 611368

Prym Multi 45mm Rotary Cutter 611368

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The all-rounder rotary cutter from Prym This practical tool with standard diameter of 45 mm makes it possible to cut several layers of fabric exactly and without snagging, which makes it ideal for sewing, patchwork and handicrafts. The spacer, which can be attached to the rotary cutter, makes it possible to set the seam allowance individually and to cut the layers together easily and conveniently. The ergonomic, rubberised soft grip prevents the handy Prym rotary cutter from slipping out of your hand even with fairly heavy pressure. Includes two easily changeable specialised blades: These allow you to produce fabric edges with waves or serrations, even in complicated geometric patterns.

The following spare blades from Prym can also be used: 610 472 (standard), 611 367 (pinking), 611 365 (wave) and OLFA 611 372 (standard).

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